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Amazing Northern Multicultural Services (ANMS) is a social welfare organisation of Amazing Grace Gospel Church which provides support to New & Emerging Communities in the Northern Adelaide. There is a significant numbers of CALD Communities that live within the northern area and they are on low-income earners.


ANMS provides support services through early intervention programs to young people, women, men and families in need. These programs aim to develop coping skills and resilience. Most of these programs include linking clients to local service providers for ongoing supports.


The objective of the ANMS is to focus on driving intercultural and intergenerational interaction to increase understanding between young people, parents and other community members from diverse cultural and religious background to promote wellbeing. 


We are committed to promoting equal access to all New & Emerging Communities through participation. We focus on best settlement outcomes among CALD communities through empowerment. 


Our vision is to reach and transform lives, changing mindsets, empowering people for independence and impact in every domain of life.


  • Integrity – We aim to ensuring personal and corporate transparency and the highest ethical standards

  • Compassion – We seek to treat people with empathy, dignity and fairness

  • Faithfulness - We seek to remain honest to God's Word in serving others

  • Transformation – We seek to fostering a culture of continuous improvement, staff engagement and improved client outcomes

  • Social Justice - We seek to be inclusive, respectful, equal, embrace different diverse backgrounds and cultural expression

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9am - 4pm
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Amazing Northern Multicultural Services
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