ANMS commenced a Community Garden project in August 2016 which has seen the development of a garden next to its office in Davoren park. The garden is now well-established with a committed group of members who are continually working to improve it and planting different crops. We have a range of seasonal crops growing using natural green compost.

There are a mix of individuals from surrounding communities that are currently participating in the garden work. New members are welcome. We have members with a wide range of gardening abilities and their contributions are very important.

If you want to participate or be involved, please contact us.


  • Our mission is to connect people and families from different backgrounds (age, race, culture.) through voluntary activities and provide them with gardening and farming skills.

  • Providing a venue for active gardening 

  • Growing various foods for individuals and families to access fresh and nutritious food.

  • Educating the community about waste minimization and the recycling of waste through composting and mulching.

  • Building leadership through taking on different roles in caring of the garden.

  • Providing opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

  • Offering opportunities for new arrivals to learn gardening skills.

  • Help new emerging communities to deal with social isolation. 

  • Connecting people from diverse backgrounds to work side by side on common goals.

  • Teaching youth the importance of community and stewardship, job and life skills.

  • To provide people opportunity to grow crops of their choice

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